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"It's kinda tempting to be a gronk" - Q&A with Lachie of Space Monk

We had a chinwag with Lachie, 1/4 of Aussie jam (tunes not the condiment) makers, Space Monk, about their new single Pub Lord, the best way to treat yo' self and he tells of a special little ditty that gets him 'in the mood.'

Who makes up the band and what is each person’s favourite food?

Myself - (Bass/ Lead Vocalist) Pizza. I'm a retired pizza delivery boy and will always support my boys still out there on the battlefield.

Torey - (Drummer) - Durian fruit. Google that thing, it's a smelly fruit for a smelly boi.

Rory - (Guitarist/Vocalist) Chicken. He works at a chicken shop, he loves his chicken. He has some great muscles because of it.

Simmo - (Guitarist/Keys) - I've never asked him but he's a real Aussie boy, so I would say his favourite food is an egg and lettuce sambo.

Can you tell us a little bit about your new single, Pub Lord, what inspired the song?

Everyone knows a Pub Lord. It's the up and coming battler that's become part of the furniture in the beer garden. They're the sort of person that we can probably learn a lot from; whether that's lessons to apply to life or to avoid, it depends on which "Pub Lord" is chewing on your ear. It's pretty funny and sad how at the pub they're seen as this king and can get away with anything. The four of us sometimes pretend to be the Pub Lord when we're out. It's kinda tempting to be a gronk.

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done whilst you were drunk?

We were all getting a little silly at the RSL seeing Spy VS Spy play and we lost Torey. At the end of the gig we went looking for him and found the wee little lad sitting on a lounge, talking to this really spooky looking old dude. Torey was off his rocker and was just being the nice young lad that he is, just listening to this guys really weird stories. But then shit got real and we realised it was time for special operation "rescue torz" as we caught on that the creepazoid was trying to find himself a lover for the night.

What’s the best way to treat yo' self?

Ah helloo! Of course it's a spa day with the boys. We're talking face masks, jacuzzis and something light and bubbly. Bellissimo.

How do you fuel yourself creatively?

Lots of v sweaty jams. Going to see a few rock and roll shows here and there. Just going outside and looking at how strange everyone is.

How did you guys discover ‘your sound’?

I think our sound came pretty naturally. It's just a product of the four of us. We're all into a lot of different music but the main similarity would probably be our personalities/outlook on things. It's probably those similarities that help to squish all of those differing music tastes together.

What advice would you offer to budding musos who are struggling to hit the ground running?

Don't follow us as an example. Hehe jokes. Just write heaps of music first and record it before anything else.

If you could trade bodies with a celebrity for a day, who would you choose and why?

Liam Neeson for sure. I'd then dress up as Qui-Gon Jinn and probably rock up at friends houses and try give them a smooch.

Best song to:

Listen to while you’re getting sexy – Duel of the Fates, Star Wars sound track.

Listen to while you’re on the toilet – Duality, Slipknot

Listen to when you’re feeling totally sorry for yourself – Fix You, Coldplay

Listen to when your dickhead ex has posted on FB about being in a new relationship and you guys only broke up 2 months ago – Fix You, Coldplay but at half speed

Quick Fire Round

Burritos or Pizza?

Pizza, don't be silly now, we've already spoken about this...

A long walk or a quick root?

Quick root. These old bones ain't what they used to be.

Fold or scrunch?

Fold. Jeez I think this interview has made me realise that I have OCD.

A night on the town or a night in your trackies?

A night on the town in our trackies

Never drink a beer again or never kiss the lips of another human again?

We're all soppy lover boys with special gurlies. I'd say smooches on the lips.

You can check out some Space Monk tunes here and follow 'em on Facey to keep up with all their happenings. Also, they've got some sick merch. Oh, they also have an Insta account.

Watch Pub Lord Video here.

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