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Review: The Wrong Girl

I wasn’t expecting much when I started this book. A novel with plenty of media attention and a TV show spin-off didn’t seem that appealing but I caved, borrowed the book from the library and dug in. What surprised me was that once I started, I couldn’t stop. I finished it in about five days, which is pretty decent in the busy, social media saturated world that we live in. The Wrong Girl by Zoe Foster-Blake fulfilled my needs for juicy gossip, romance, adventure and general warm & fuzzies. As a non-fiction only fan, this was oddly refreshing.

Zoe Foster Blake’s writing is similar to the poise and romance of Carrie Bradshaw - the Australian down-to-earth version with a bit more hilarity and many more euphemisms. The main character, Lily, a successful television producer living in Bondi NSW embarks on a man hiatus with her roommate/bestie/model friend Simone to regain their female power.

However, her hiatus becomes harder than expected when the spunky chef, Jack, becomes the new super star on the cooking show that she produces. I could probably tell you a lot more, but it’s just too damn juicy and I don’t want to spoil it.

Foster Blake’s strength is her ability to compact detailed characters and a strong storyline into an average length book. Each character feels relatable in one way or another. We all have a little bit of Lily in us, whether it’s our inability to ‘adult’ correctly or the constant struggle to maintain our career. Her housemate, Simone, is that ridiculously aesthetically pleasing person who we all follow on Instagram. She is actually really nice so we can’t hate her…even if we secretly want to. Based in Bondi, the setting is perfect although there’s not enough reference to smashed avo, the housing market atrocity and ridiculous rent prices if you ask me.

Zoe Foster Blake with the cast of The Wrong Girl

You need this read in your life for a lil dose of positivity and most importantly to experience an ‘a-ha’ moment. It’s a coming of age fiction piece that is genuinely relatable, which is not always easy to find. It’s goes beyond just romance, showing feminist streaks with a predominantly female workplace and a spotlight on the importance of friendships (girl power).

Foster Blake is married to funny man, Hamish Blake, so you can imagine how much hilarity occurs in their household, plus baby Sonny. Omfg, so adorable. I haven’t yet watched the TV series, but I’m willing to marathon it this weekend to see if it’s as good as the book.

4 out of 5 smashed avos.

Dominique is a Novocastrian with a passion for writing, eating and patting dogs. When she's not working hard for the money in Marketing, she can be found hanging out with her two greyhounds, her girlfriend and most likely, drinking a beer. You can lurk her @domfoxx.

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