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Broken Heart? There's an app for that!

"A modern, meaningful, big-hearted tool for the broken-hearted."

As if we didn't love Zoë Foster Blake enough, now she's gone and turned a time usually filled with tequila shots and regrettable sex with strangers into something fun, cool and very 2017.

The Break Up Boss is an app designed to help you struggle through those first, shitty stages of a break-up. With encouraging words of wisdom, quirky tools towards recovery and even a space that you can pretend to text your ex (without going through the extricating process of clicking send and then feeling your heart fall out of your arsehole instantly) - this app is the bomb diggity. It almost makes me want to go and find myself a man, only to have him leaving me broken hearted and in need of this god send!

When she announced the launch of the app on Instagram, Zoë said: “Seven years ago I decided to write a book on break-ups. Because I think they’re a gift. A chance for epic growth. Painful but largely misunderstood, like Justin Bieber. But life got busy, and the idea was parked. Then, last year, I realised it should be an APP, not a book! So, I jammed a books' worth of content into a tidy little app, and today that app and idea is finally live.”

She says the app is designed to “act as a digital pocket coach for your traumatised, fragile, gorgeous little heart.”

The app is also filled with super cute illustrations from Mari Andrew that are just oh so relatable. If you're not already following her on Instagram, then you need to be @bymariandrew.

You can download Break Up Boss here for $9.99 with 10% of every sale going towards Safe Steps, a family violence response centre in Victoria, Australia.

Zoë was the Cosmopolitan relationship columnist, author of Textbook Romance (amongst many other books), founded Go-To Skincare and bagged Hamish Blake as her hubby, so we guess she knows a thing or two about this 'love' business. Read more about her at www.zotheysay.com

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