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Andy from 'Family Dog' talks about their latest album & the best song to listen to while

I've never come across anything mini in my life that wasn't pretty darn great:* mini hamburgers, mini sausage dogs, mini fridges, those mini pencils from IKEA, and The Family Dog's new mini album is no exception to this rule.

The Newcastle based boys have just released their new album and let me tell you, it's pretty fucking great. I'm not just saying that because I'm a Newcastle girl with a loyalty towards any kind of talent that emerges from our sandy shores, these guys are actually the tits.

We had a chat with front-man, Andy Price, who told us about the inspiration behind the album, how he maintains creativity in his life and the best song to take a dump to.

Who does what?

Andrew Price - Guitars and vocals

Nic Price - Keys, guitar and vocals

Reece Vipen - Drums and vocals

Matthew James - Bass and vocals

Dylan Thomas - Guitars and vocals

What inspired the vibe for 'The Family Dog' mini album?

So I've been playing "professionally" for nearly a decade now and despite my love for pop music and formulaic songs as well as my confident ability to produce such music, I have always wanted to produce something with as many real instruments, real people and real sounds as possible; something unassociated with the general rules (whether we know it or not) that we abide when writing pop music.

Something natural and void of digital enhancement but still massive in sound and broad with instrumentation. Don't get me wrong, a computer was used every step of the way through making this record but I truly feel we captured something real and honest with it, I'm actually proud of it, which goes a little against my usual character when it comes to self-critique.

Image: Andy

What's the most important song on the album to you?

Josie In Rainbows. What can I say? My friend died and I had nothing to give to her memory apart from my music. I guess it's the bittersweet, final kick in the arse she'll ever give me.. she was good at that.

I can't begin to explain where my head was at that point in time. All I know is that I learnt to be more honest with myself through its creation and I'm really trying to hold on to that.

Take us through your song writing process...

My process changes daily.... I really can't tell you. Sometimes I'll sit down with an idea and have a song finished by the end of the day. Other times, I'll exhaust any bit of brain power I have over a length of months just to get two words of a verse to make sense.

Then there's the songs that don't leave my bedroom. I'm proud to have a few songs that have never come close to the ears of another human being, some of them stay the same for years and others I muck around with on a regular basis, the point is, they are 100% mine - no external influence or opinions and definitely no 'process'.

Who is your musical idol?

This sounds stupid but, Trey Parker. I know he writes an animated TV series and is hardly your average 'rockstar' but the music that comes with his script writing is also created by him, his ability to match a song to a scene or to blatantly use newtons laws of song writing and poke holes through the stylings of some of the most current music fads in pop culture is incredible. Much like his script writing.

How do you maintain creativity in your life?

I'm surrounded by it. I'm very privileged. My partner is a brilliant photographer, my siblings are gifted song writers, musicians and authors and my parents paved the way for me to be as creative as I wanted to be with whatever it is I wanted to do... all that stuff helps.

What's next on the cards for you and the band?

Our next single will be out very shortly, along with the next tour and you'll start to notice us working a lot harder and a lot more. In the mean time, we have a bunch of big support slots including Beach Street festival coming up in Newcastle over the next 2 months, so keep an ear out!

Personally though, I've had a lot of fun producing the Family Dog record and am ready to start using those skills with some other artists who are willing to collaborate.

Quick Fire Round

Best post gig feed?

Musa's Kebabs located on Lygon Street Brunswick east. You won't find a better 5am Kebab from a dodgy caravan.

Best song to listen to while you're getting sexy?

Sexy with the misso or just myself? Or have I taken this too literally?

The answer to all 3 is:

Zeppelin 3 (the first 10-15 minutes)

Zeppelin 3 (since I've been loving you)

Zeppelin 3 (just cause.. it's zeppelin 3)

Best song to listen to while you're on the toilet?

Rolling in the Deep by Adele. If you try and hit those notes you're sure to bust out a good stool.. or in my case, a haemorrhoid.

Best song to listen to when you're feeling sorry for yourself?

Anything by Death Cab for Cutie. (The New Year) basically, get over it.

If you could support any band/artists - living or dead - who would it be and why?

I don't have a cool answer for this... I feel we spend too much time glorifying musicians, paying too much money for tickets to shows, when sometimes the band in the garage next door is better than the likes of the Foo Fighters, Nick Cave or Radiohead.

Here's a list of bands I have, will and would love to play with...

Lachlan X. Morris

Lese Majesty



The Love Junkies

Slowly Slowly

Planet of the 8's

Moonlight Society

Split Feed

To listen to their tunes you can click here or like em' on Facebook to keep up to date with their latest gigs. For Melbournian humans you can catch them on the 10th of March at the Brunswick Hotel. Details here.

*I know you thought it, so let's address it...yes, a mini peen wouldn't be that great for the owner or the receiver but that's not where I was going with this, so get your mind out of the god damn gutter pls.

Images by Alex Jack Photography

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