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An open letter to my ex-roomate

Dearest ex-roomie,

How have you been? It’s only been a month since we've seen each other but it feels like years since we've spoken. I still remember all the good times we had. The dancing in the lounge room, the electric laughter, those long and meaningful talks. You were my best friend, my sister; but all of that changed four weeks ago. We couldn’t see eye to eye and went our separate ways.

It was sad at first, really hard to understand why it all happened. But like I always say, everything happens for a reason. I’m currently just waiting for that reason to pop up and slap me in the face. I’m slowly becoming normal again but I miss you like hell.

It was just like a break up I wasn’t expecting. I stalked you on Facebook. I stalked you on Instagram. I then realised that I couldn’t help but feel sad when I saw your face. It only took me back to our last conversation and that wasn’t exactly our best memory. So like the sad bitch who finally comes to terms with the breakup, I have unfollowed you in order to maintain my bloody sanity.

It’s so weird, knowing I can’t tell you everything. You used to be that person for me. I still want to ring you and tell you about my day but you aren’t that person for me anymore. I just think about all those dog memes that will go untagged!

As my life slowly starts to adjust, it got me thinking. Maybe we weren’t meant to be friends forever. Maybe we have given each other all that we have needed to. Over the numerous years, you gave me your all and I gave you mine.

I keep thinking about the day I moved in with you. We said we would be roomies forever. We had similar habits and wildly different personalities and it just worked. Then something changed in us. We started to drift and things felt a little off balance. Maybe, friends aren’t meant to be roommates?

We took a risk and it failed us. We have become one of those roommate horror stories. Did we expect too much from each other?

If I could turn back time and do it all again, would I do things differently? Fuck yes. Potentially, we could be meeting up for dinner instead of me writing this letter in such a public space, but I can’t hold onto the past any longer. I wish nothing but the best for you even though you might not feel the same.

Perhaps, fate will bring our paths together again and if it does, then it does. If it doesn’t, thank you for being you and for all the years of laughs, tears, dancing and dog memes. I will never forget the memes or the mems.



Amber is the kind of girl who looks like she has her shit together but really doesn't. She's known for her potty mouth, being inappropriately funny and for her love of doughnuts. Although she's new to the writing game, she is going to say what 'drunk you' was already thinking.

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