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A short and sweet review of 'You’ll grow out of it' by Jessi Klein

What do you get if you combine Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, and a blossoming tomboy? Jessi Klein and her debut book, You’ll grow out of it, that's what!

Jessi Klein may not be a household name, although you’ve probably watched something that her talented writing skills were behind. She's worked as a writer for Comedy Central and Saturday Night Live. If you need any more reason to want to get to know her, she currently is a head writer and executive producer on Inside Amy Schumer. So... you know, she's a bit of a big deal.

Klein’s ability to get herself into uncomfortable situations paired with her self-deprecating humour makes you feel like it’s okay to be a bit shit at relationships/exercise/adult life. Following her teenage years and into her early forties, Klein doesn’t shy from the truth when she explains why baths are as important as finding the perfect porn to watch.

Although the 24 essays are full of jokes and confessions, Klein partners these moments with thoughtful reflection. I found myself chuckling out loud through some chapters and in others I was a bit bored hearing about her trials and tribulations through yet another failed relationship. At times, her wrap up of each chapter can come across a little short, potentially incomplete. Before you can think too hard about it however another chapter begins and you're already ready about her journey to find the perfect butt.

This book created a bit of a love-hate relationship for me. As a twenty-something I can relate to her constant state of awkwardness, her ability to create uncomfortable situations for herself and her constant struggle to level up in adult world - her consistent whining kind of ticks me off though.

Still, this book is a good read and if I had my own TV series, I know I’d want her to write it because I’m a little whiny too.

4 out of 5 pizza slices.

You can purchase the book for $29.99 (so...you know, $30) at Penguin Books Australia.

Dominique is a Novocastrian with a passion for writing, eating and patting dogs. When she's not working hard for the money in Marketing, she can be found hanging out with her two greyhounds, her girlfriend and most likely, drinking a beer. You can lurk her @domfoxx.

pizza slices.

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