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Fuck New Year's resolutions: why you should continue with your awful habits

New Year’s resolutions are a crock of fucking shit. Like, who made these? Who invented this concept? Was it the Romans? I bet it was the Romans. The whole thought process just baffles me, like: "let’s place even more pressure on the human race by enforcing certain expectations and enforce these during an otherwise stress free and relaxing time of the year.’"

Hate to sound like a hater but fuck this #NewYearNewMe crap. If your diet HAS to begin on the 1st of January in order for it to be successful then it's probably not going to work out for you, sorry hun.

Neither will your plan to stop poisoning yourself with millions of shots each time your at a social event. Old habits die hard boo.

Let’s be honest, if we were gonna change for the better, we would’ve done it by now. Instead it becomes this merciless cycle of ‘This has to change. 2016 will be my year!’ and by December 7th you’re still lazy, unmotivated, and unproductive with a pile of dirty laundry that you just can’t budge.

The sad part is, the minute we don’t tick our goals off, it’s like we automatically become a failure. A small bad habit becomes an insecurity with potential to grow and grow.

Have goals, go for gold, but a change of heart or health can occur at any point throughout the year. Continue being a cute, problematic shit for as long as you want. Be a boss as bitch for as long as you want. Just be you without the fucking self-guilt trip. Here’s a quick reminder, it’s okay to be bad at things, it’s okay to be imperfect, let’s not let NYR’s dictate our personal measurements of success. I’m gonna pass on a little NYE tradition that has been passed down to me. > Write the things you hate about yourself on a piece of paper. > Then write the things you love on another. > When the countdown settles, light your first list on fire and safely let it burn out. > Keep your second one, in a box or in your wallet.

Over time that list grows and grows and soon you’ll have a never-ending reminder of self-love, despite the existence of flaws and imperfections. Spend the last day of 2016 loving endlessly. Change is a process, possible at any time of the year. Take it easy and love your 'flaws' bby.

Mark is a sexy young ethnic guy who is known for his infectious laugh and ridiculous sense of humour. He rarely crosses the line, but that may be because he assumes it requires cardio. He prides himself on his morals and ethics but this can easily be thrown out the door if a cute guy gives him attention. Follow lurk on Instagram here.

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