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By Alessandra Melville

Dear 12-year-old Ally,

I would like to start this off by telling you to chill the fuck out. Nobody is looking at those pimples cascading down your cheeks and although the boys stare at your tits, they are not staring because they find them gross, they are staring because they’re all like, “what are those and how do I see more?” It’s creepy and weird but you’ll get used to it soon enough.

The next year of your life will seem daunting, you will be rejected, you will be teased but you will also learn to not be such a baby. You will eventually get down off your bunk bed and meet nice people. Very soon you will meet your best friend who will immediately think you’re a bitch because she sees you prancing around the school cafeteria talking to boys and generally just being a pain in the ass.

Soon enough though you will be inseparable, you will spend your summer riding bikes to and from each other’s pools, eating lollies and getting swooped by magpies. Oh and creeping on your brother’s friends while they’re in the pool.

Ally, I am telling you need to cherish these moments. They will not last forever, they will barely last a few years. Before you know it, the two of you will drift apart because of this boy or that girl. You will come back together and be stronger than ever but this brief period in your life needs to be held with both hands. Every morning when she shows up at your house to walk to school, quit with the sassiness and listen to your dearest friend. Don’t make fun of her new haircut, stop teasing her about liking the wrong boy and just be there for her. At 12 years-old you’re a lot more opinionated than most of your friends, but don’t ever hold it against them for taking a little longer to blossom.

This year you are going to partake in something that will soon become known as catfishing. Yes, you and your scheming bestie will use someone else’s photo on a dating website and talk to boys as though you were actually old enough to be dating. This is horrible and you should stop asap. Okay fine, do it but don’t tell the poor dude you will meet up with him and then never speak to him again!

Anyway, you two will get up to some crazy things. Hold on tight and don’t be afraid.



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