• Penny Gleeson

Dear Old People

I’ve tried to control my anger, really I have, but I honestly cannot take it anymore.

If I have to see another misguided attack on Millennials by some idiotic news publication then I’m going to scream. I’m going to scream so loud that species of animals will become extinct, and little innocent bees all over the world will die, I will scream so loud that all the coral of the Great Barrier reef will be bleached and generations to come will never be able to afford a house. Oh wait… that won’t actually be my fault. It will be the fault of the baby boomers, which instead of fixing the problems they have created for those who follow them, they seem to spend EVERY WAKING SECOND OF THEIR LIVES COMPLAINING ABOUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH US.

Allow me to explain that you do not get to comment or offer criticism about a problem you never had to experience. You do not get to say that Milennials are lazy and have unrealistic expectations of the ‘real world’. When FREE university education, followed by a PAID cadetship in the field of your choice is a straight up fantasy for people of my generation. We work to support ourselves through uni, we study, we work for free for months and months to end up on the other side with a degree, debt and then still no opportunity for employment so we work for free until something comes up and we still have to pay rent. Don’t live in Sydney you say? That’s where the jobs are, and having a job is how we stop from being homeless or living at home until we’re 30 (something very common for the generations passed).

You do not get to say you worked hard and that’s how you got to where you are because the situations are by no means comparable; you were given help by your parents to get a leg up on life in a time where the median cost of a house deposit was less than $10,000. You don’t get to say that if you can’t get a job you should start your own business because to most, taking time off and taking a risk to further yourself in that way is just that, far too risky. Starting a business takes investment, knowledge, experience, how can that be expected of a graduate with an average of $30,000 debt?

Nothing irks me more than the fact that these 60 year old trolls are using platforms like Facebook and Twitter to bash the younger generations for wasting their time on the internet and expecting the world to fall at their feet, when they are wasting time online to complain about the generation they created.

It’s a common misconception that the monster in the story is called Frankenstein. Frankenstein is the name of his creator.

The same goes, in my opinion, to those older who criticize us for trying to do our best in a game that was lost for us before we even started. Don’t get angry because things like participation awards and snaps for trying exist, we didn’t create them, we received them. We grew up being told that anything was possible, that we could be anything we wanted to be.

It’s a common misconception that the monster in the story is called Frankenstein. Frankenstein is the name of his creator.

Stop giving us such a hard time when its our taxes that are going to support you when you’re clogging up our health system, and our minds that are going to fix the holes in the economy and o-zone layer that you created.


The Millenilals that you despise.

Image: Alex Jack

Artwork: Penny Gleeson

Penny is 22-year-old unicorn with an extreme penchant for glitter and cheese. She loves her friends, 2pac and calling people a Queen. You can follow her @pennygleeson

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