• Adrianna Zappavigna

How to get shit done from home (like a boss)

How many times have you said: “I’ll just study/work from home tomorrow,” so casually, like you almost believe yourself.

Two Netflix series, six pizzas and twelve unnecessary naps later, you usually wake up confused in the wee hours of the morning wondering where the hell your day went.

We feel ya.

Try these tips the next time you decide to work/study from home. They actually work, promise.

  1. Dress for the part

I’m sorry but this needs to be a pj-free zone. You heard me, not even your cute Peter Alexander jamies will work. No onesies, no flannel, nah uh. Half the productivity battle is won psychologically, and that involves preparing your body for a standard work day. So unless you usually wear your pajamas to work (are you B1 or B2?), get up and get dressed like you actually plan on leaving your house. It helps your brain move from “lazy land” into “get shit done mode.”

2. Make a list

Sounds simple, right? The real benefit of this is being able to visually see how many tasks you need to complete and prioritising what needs to be done first. Structuring your work day will definitely keep your productivity levels on point. Also, believe it or not, dumping all the crap you have in your head onto a piece of paper can be quite therapeutic, leaving you with a clear reminder of where you need to pick up from the following day.

Plus, there is not better feeling than slowly checking off your workload and physically seeing the progress that you've made.

3. Ergonomics is sexy

As great as it sounds in theory, working off your laptop in bed all day never works. Like, ever. It’s so important to carve out a proper workspace that’s healthy and functional. Choose comfortable furniture, be conscious of your posture and try to situate yourself in a space full of natural lighting.

4. Start early

The appeal of sleeping in (just cos you can, duh) sounds like a dream come true. But mentally, it can actually drag you into more of a slump than before. Productivity levels are usually peaking from around morning to midday, and it’s pretty much all downhill after that. SO the more you tick off your ‘To Do’ list in the AM, the better!

5. Don’t skip lunch!

Being a serial-snacker, I can’t help but have a stash of munchies wherever I happen to be working. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It just means you won’t be snapping hangrily at people all morning or starving by the time lunch rolls around. Think nutritious and filling as possible, because no one wants to be there when you’re coming off your sugar/caffeine high. Just a heads up…

6. Stay active

The beauty of being at home is all about flexibility. So if you’re feeling cramped or you’re just over staring at a screen, take a quick a tea break and make it count. No need to be hiding under your desk to squeeze in that quick yoga sesh. Stretch out, walk the dog… it doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you’re refreshing your psyche. This one’s all about balance.

7. Switch up your space

Some find that working/studying from home is one big distraction in itself. If you simply can’t disconnect from the endless list of chores and other home duties that playing on your mind, maybe you need to make a break for it. Pick a local café or park that you love, hunker down with your laptop and get to work. Out of sight, out of mind.

Adrianna is a 22-year-old journalism graduate who is never seen wandering the streets of Sydney sans coffee in hand. A self-confessed sugar addict, she is a lover of sweet treats, sweet words and even sweeter fashion finds. When she isn't hitting the gym or buried in a horror film of some sort, you'll definitely find her Instagramming at @adri_zapp.

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