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Profile: Alex Jack Photography

For Newcastle based photographer, Alex Jack, it's the people in her life that spark her creative flame. With an exceptional eye for detail and a wonderful ability to capture a persons' essence in a single photograph, Jack says "it's all about capturing who [they] are," and that's what she loves most.

She spoke with Twenty Something Humans about her style, those who inspire her and a little about her upcoming Raw exhibition in Newcastle (29th September), which you wouldn't want to miss out on. You can purchase your tickets here and soak up her incredibly talented work below.

1) When did you into photography and what was the igniting spark?

One of my earliest memories of being interested in taking photos was when I was really quite young. I got my first digital camera for my birthday when I was in year 5 and I remember after taking it to school that day and taking photos of my friends, and I went home and took photos of the grass at home.. yes, the grass.

I spent at least an hour out there trying to get the 'perfect photo'. That's my earliest memory being really interested in photography. I also got another birthday present when I was 13, it was a DSLR. I was going on a trop and I remember wanting to make an entire photo album out of it. One of the photos from that trip is actually my my exhibition.

2) How would you describe your current style and what inspired it?

Well, it's hard to say. Part of me just feels like it's in me and what I'm doing is very natural and hard to pin point. I'm always drawn to people, so I guess you could say that's my style.

I love to photograph people, whether it be people in their environment, candid, weddings or model shoots. I just do what feels right and what I enjoy. I am genuinely inspired by everything in this world and I think that's definitely a positive in photography. Me finding inspiration in the little things is a lot of the time what pulls in image together.

3) Who do you draw from for creative inspiration?

Well, my first favourite and current favourite photographer is Annie Leibovitz. She has definitely taught me a lot and has given me a lot of hope and inspiration. When I was younger she just seemed like the biggest and best of them all. A couple of years into being a real fan of hers, I bought a book she had written, and I just remember realising that she was just like everyone else and still is.

She talks about when she first started taking photographs and how her work started out really simple, pure and honest. Is was just a genuine joy for her to be capturing her surroundings and I can relate to that. She has also continued to grow and change as time went on, from working with black and white film to creating extremely photoshopped images. Which I really admire as well. To be able to continuously reach for new things and work with the world around you is incredibly inspiring.

4) What's your favourite photograph that you've taken and why?

That's a hard one. They all of their own uniqueness. I find that every time I go out and take photos, the ones I have just taken are my favourites. When you're trying to achieve something new each time that satisfies that feeling. I have two in mind, both favourites for different reasons.

Photo 1 (Melbourne). In my opinion the most compositionally impressive photo I've ever taken. Good composition can really just hit the right spot sometimes. So in that case, this photos would be my favourite.

Photo 2 (Olivia). But for all time favourites, this photos would have to be my favourite. This is actually an old friend of mine. Growing up around someone and seeing them change and progress is a really amazing thing. With this photo, I just feel like this captures her soul. That might not necessarily be the way she looks in this photo, or the way she is dressed, or the way she is sitting. But just after all the changes and growing up that has gone on, I still feel like looking into her eyes in this photos actually captures who she is.

**Click here to purchase tickets to her exhibition on the 29th October 2016**

Alex Jack is a photographic contributor at Twenty Something Humans. You can follow her work at @alex.jackphotography & on Facebook here.

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