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Instagram beauty queens that you should follow

A quick scroll through Insta can leave you feeling inspired to embrace a new craft project, get rid of all your blackheads and master royal icing all in one sitting. Most recently though, the most creative (or random) posts flitting through my newsfeed have been beauty ones. Seriously, some of this stuff just has to be seen to be believed.

If you're into weird, wacky and wonderful in beauty trends then these are the insta-peeps that you need to be following rn.

Eyeliner That Defies Logic - @thecutestberry // @glowawaymeg

Usually if I manage to wing my eyeliner right first go, it’s looking like a pretty great day for me… but this stuff’s on a whole other level. Watch Aylin Aktaş (@thecutestberry) get geometric with her eyeliner, or watch in awe as Meg (@glowawaymeg) transforms her liner from functional to optical illusion. #mindblown

Glittery Hair Parts - @sherrymaldonado

Throwing it back to the 90s with this trend, as sparkly roots begin to creep back into hair tutorials everywhere. Let Sherry Maldonado show you how to nail the trend in 2016.

Eye Tattoos - @makeupholic_moon

Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Not at all permanent, of course. But definitely another fun option to slay your eye game on those days when even foundation seems optional. Check out how Habiba uses them here.

Using Weird Shit Part 1: Contouring - @nikkietutorials / @aishwarya.ajit / @lsk_makeup

As if contouring isn’t hard enough to perfect, make-up artists are now getting fancy with the whole process. Oh! And collecting random objects from around the house as you go? Totally acceptable. Got a triangular ruler from your old geometry set lying around? Maybe grab your favourite Louboutins while you’re at it. Or even just some regular post-it notes or a fork will do. The list is literally endless…the madness is not.

Using Weird Shit Part 2: Curling Your Hair - @beautybyraza / @charmiejanee

Much like the fascination with using random things to sculpt your face, turns out the obsession also applies to curling your hair. If you ever feel the urge to do so using plastic bags, pipe cleaners, duct tape or even the good ole’ kitchen sponge, there are actually legitimate tutorials all over social media. No joke.

Galaxy Eyes - @openmindfreesoul / @mypaleskinblog

Have you ever heard that saying, “Stars in her eyes..” Yeah, I wonder if this is what they pictured when the phrase came to mind. Who needs smoky eyes and cut creases when you can make it look like the universe literally sharted on your face? Check out make-up artists like Em Ford and Luna (oh the irony) for more inspo.

Faux Freckles - @farahdhukai / @jennydo_

So apparently, faking sun damage is quite on trend right now. Not sure why, but make-up artists like Jenny Do can definitely show you how. Or if a subtle dusting just seems too mainstream, make like Farah Dhukai and bedazzle your face with “rainbow unicorn glitter freckles.” As if you don't want that all over your face.

Highlighter Only - @itsisabelbedoya / @tanyacheban

Girl, that highlighter on fleeeek! The highlighter only challenge saw make-up artists rise to the occasion of creating a look using only, you guessed it, highlighter products! Talk about a glowing complexion. As usual, Tanya Cheban and Isabel Bedoya had us all like, “Slayyy!” Are you game enough to try it?

Sparkly Kisses - @iheartmakeupart / @missjazminad

If we’re already showering our hair parts, eyes and faces in glitter, the only logical step is to match our lips. Duh! Let your pout make a shining statement in these ruby red slippers or blue velvet shades.

Adrianna is a 22-year-old journalism graduate who is never seen wandering the streets of Sydney sans coffee in hand. A self-confessed sugar addict, she is a lover of sweet treats, sweet words and even sweeter fashion finds. When she isn't hitting the gym or buried in a horror film of some sort, you'll definitely find her Instagramming at @adri_zapp.

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