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Pairing Flowers & Food

Spring has finally sprung, hurray! It's about bloody time. We've been wrapped in our winter cave (leggings inside trackies inside a snuggie underneath a doona) for too long now.

It's a wonderful time of year*. Jasmine fills the air, baby animals stretch out their little fluffy arms as the warming sun gently awakes them from sleep. You smile a lot more, your life is a lot more colourful and you can finally expose your bare skin to the world again and scream: "HELLO WORLD, THIS IS ME!"

Another major plus is the seasonal food change. With the warmer weather and colourful flowers gracing us with their presence you start to find yourself getting a little bit more creative with your cooking choices. We move away from the dense, steaming piles of "comfort food" of the cooler season (as delicious as that was) and into something a little more light and refreshing.

The good people at Pro Flowers have done you a solid favour in pairing various flowers with their strongest food match. So, next time you're having a dinner party, or lunch party, any food related gathering really, you can be sure to compliment those tasty flavours with a true aromatic experience.

*Let's not think about the hayfever and magpie attacks rn. Maybe it won't happen this time.

Cover Image: Gemma van Heyst

Taylor is in love with food and riding her bike (to counteract her first love). She also enjoys design and gardening.

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