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Sydney's best vegan eats

A little while ago we posted an article about how vegan places are ripping off solid citizens who just want some cruelty free grub. Although this is sadly the norm, and vegan food is often an expensive niche when you’re looking to eat out, I found some places for Sydney-siders to go get some tasty ass food. All of these places are located in Newtown (Sydney) because of its solidly rising numbers of hipsters and vegans alike. So to save you some much needed cash, here are some super tasty, super cheap vegan eats for lunch, dinner and dessert. Lentil as Anything

Lentil as Anything is an eating experience like no other. It is a completely not for profit organisation which relies on donations to pay the rent and put your food on the table. To eat, you are seated by a lovely volunteer who brings you a chai tea. After you choose your vegan or vegetarian meal from the board of choices, you can listen to the live music or enjoy the company of the strangers on your communal table. The most incredible part is that you get to pay what you feel the meal is worth. $15 is enough to cover all of your costs, while putting in a little extra goes directly into the charity work they do.

I had the vegan mac and cheese and it was so creamy that I had to ask the volunteer if it was actually dairy-free. Amazing.

Cost Estimate: $15 (as a moral minimum) for dinner, a drink and dessert. You can pay less, but that doesn’t get you much good karma if you have the means.

Rating: 9/10 - amazing if you’re down to talk to strangers, terrifying if you’re scared of social interaction. Bliss and Chips

This one makes me really happy because vegan food generally has such a healthy reputation that sometimes vegans feel obligated to always be eating greens and fruits. Bliss and Chips says "fuck you" to greens and "hello" to the food you crave when you’re drunk n dirty. It's simply a fish and chip shop that has somehow created seafood substitutes that taste and HAVE THE SAME TEXTURE (?!?!?) as real seafood products. I don’t understand it, but I love it. Other incredibly mind-boggling deep fried options include vegan pizza, cookie dough and chocolate bars.

I tried the seafood basket, which was big enough to share with a friend.

Cost Estimate: Most baskets are around $10. Just make sure you don’t get tricked into buying the ‘love water’. It’s just regular water that apparently has been filtered with the frequency of the earth. : |

Not my thing. Rating: 8/10 - The food is fantastic when you’re wanting a grease feast but there are no healthy options and it’s not the nicest place to sit. I’d take it to the park around the corner! Gelato Blue

Gelato Blue is an 100% planted based gelato store in Newtown. Although it’s key ingredient is usually coconut, Gelato Blue’s products don’t have a coconut taste, which is often pretty hard to find with vegan ice-cream . They have a vast selection of flavours, and it took me forever to decide what to eat. I went with the dutch waffles flavour, which tasted of cinnamon and caramel with chunks of toffee mixed in. If gelato isn’t your thing, they also have a range of vegan desserts including a pavlova made from aquafaba, which is the water leftover in a can of chickpeas. Now that’s creative. PS. They also let you taste test the flavours if you can’t decided. Gems.

Cost Estimate: $6 for one scoop in a cup or cone. Rating; 10/10 - GOD BLESS DAIRY FREE ICE CREAM

Laura is a 21 year old Italian grandmother who likes coffee, going to bed early and snapchat filters. Follow her on instagram @laurajmasia

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