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The food you used to hate VS the food you used to love

Amongst children there is an unwritten rule that you must dislike brussel sprouts. No millennial child has 'come of age' without a PTSD-esque experience of their parents plonking mushy green sprouts onto their plate while telling them to eat it, or go to bed without dessert (literally the worst punishment ever). Brussel sprouts were just the tip of the ice-berg on the list of food that we hated but as we evolve into baby-adults (twenty-something humans) we start to realise that there are some that aren't so fucking yucky anymore, they're actually some of our favourite things to eat now.


1. Olives When I first watched the show How I Met Your Mother, I was very fascinated by Ted’s ‘Olive Theory’. It was the theory that because Marshall hated olives and Lilly loved them, they were a perfect match. At the time I was convinced that I, an avid olive hater, would one day find my olive loving prince and live happily ever after. As it turns out, I was my own olive lover and can be my own happy ending.

2. Blue Cheese As a child, blue cheese was the grossest, most disgusting food on the planet. It was one of the things that made me believe that adults were an entirely different species to us kiddlets.

However, the day I realised that I actually loved blue cheese was the day I finally became a real woman. In reality, I was 16 sitting alone at a large family function, seeing if anyone noticed the wine I was drinking, which brings me to no.4.

3. Wine I’m 21 and it has only been in the last few months that I can say without lying that I actually like drinking wine. Sometimes. Maybe I’m just a late bloomer, but wine is such an intense taste that as an 18 year old, goon and other cheap wines were way too intense to stomach. I now know that goon is just awful, that's probably whyI didn't like 'wine'.

These days I'm slowly beginning to love the taste. If you’re a twenty-something who still doesn’t like the taste of wine; stick in there, your day of cosmopolitan sophistication shall come.

4. Water

As a kid, no one wanted to drink water. It was all about the juice and the fizzy-drinks. Despite the insistence of mothers everywhere that kids should be drinking water, I’m pretty sure most caved in and water was replaced with some kind of unnaturally blue cordial. These days, we’re all about staying hydrated. It makes both your skin and your pee clear. Who wouldn’t want that?

5. Coffee

Coffee is definitely an acquired taste. A liking for coffee is usually acquired during the HSC when students are staying up past their bed times to finish major works. Before then, it was more common to order a hot chocolate at a coffee shop because chai lattes weren’t around back then and that was your only option. These days ordering a coffee becomes synonymous with sophistication and adulthood, especially if you order a long black, you cool cat.

6. Pickles

I think the general consensus is that there is a love-hate relationship with pickles, even as adults. However, most children remove the pickle from their cheeseburger without having tried a pickle before. Is this because they are socialised to do so by parents telling them they don’t like it? Or because they don’t like the salty, savoury taste? Either way, pickles are something that people either grow to love, or grow to tolerate on their Maccas burgers.

And then we have those treats that we used to savour as children that would now send chills down our spine if we were to ingest them.

As a kid I used to love these three treats as much as I loved the rainbow Word Art on Microsoft Word, but as much as my love for word art remains, I can’t stand some of the shit I used to eat anymore. I guess our tastebuds have opened up to a wide variety of flavours and textures, but they’ve also kind of become repulsed by a bunch of foods that we used to think were the bees knees. For example: 1. Devon (and tomato sauce sandwiches) Everyone had a friend at school who ate devon and tomato sauce sandwiches. I can still remember the smell wafting out of a freshly opened lunchbox. Back in primary school I used to be so happy to have a devon sanga at a friends place, but now I can’t help but think what actually is devon? 2. Spaghetti in a can Cannot type as many ‘nope’s as I feel about this one. I don’t know why we thought this was okay? I don’t know if it was our childlike impatience that stopped us from waiting the ten minutes for regular spaghetti to cook or if we actually liked the taste of this shit? Who fucking knows?

"Now, I can’t help but think what actually is devon?"

3. Cheese Stringers

Cheese stringers are fun. You can make little trees, octopuses, squids and spend hours playing with your food. However, these things taste like plastic. They actually might be plastic. The marketing machine won on this one. There is no way we ate these bad boys for the taste as a child.

Laura is a 21 year old Italian grandmother who likes coffee, going to bed early and snapchat filters. Follow her on instagram @laurajmasia

Images: Laura Masia

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