• Adrianna Zappavigna

Ladies, lift your game.

Girls don't lift, haven't you heard. We run, we stroll, we spin, we zumba, we downward facing dog, but we don't lift, right?

WRONG. So wrong.

In fact, the last time a girl tried telling me this I rolled my eyes so hard that I’m pretty sure I could see my brain. Lifting weights makes women strong, healthy and toned AF. Why wouldn't we want that?

Next time you're at the gym, ditch the treadmill and pick up those dumbbells ladies, I promise you'll feel like a bloody queen and here are a few reasons why.

  1. You’ll build muscle

Muscles are so important and we've already got them so why not make the most of em'?

Despite what mainstream media will have you believe, “muscle” does not mean “bulking", in fact, it means quite the opposite. Lifting heavy things will definitely make your muscles show, but a lot of the strength and muscle that you gain won't be visible to the physical eye, you'll just be like wonder woman with super secret strength powers.

Besides, muscle sits on your frame in a far more flattering way than fat ever could. So unless you’re a high level athlete on a rigid diet using supplements, you’ll just look like a lean machine with a booty like Beyoncé. Ultimate goals.

2. You’ll tone like crazy

News flash: there’s nowhere near enough natural testosterone in a woman’s body for mass gains to be taking place. Combined with the fact that women tend to be restrictive eaters (let’s postpone that rant), you’d also need to be eating way more calories than you’re burning in order to gain any kind of bulk.

Basically, it’s harder to bulk than you actually think. The reality is, challenging a woman’s muscles forces them to adapt and grow in a way that looks firm and defined, not Hulk-like and throw-down ready.

3. You’ll get seriously stronger

Making multiple trips to the car for groceries? Hate having to ask someone else to lift that box, or shift that furniture? Kiss all that goodbye! Weight training will improve not only your bodily strength, but your emotional endurance as well. Weak minds cannot nurture strong bodies.

4. The weights that you lift don't have to be heavy!

I know heavy iron scares some people and though it makes sense to pile on the weight and keep challenging your muscles, a recent study is debunking that myth.

Their findings claim that those lifting light weights gained just as much muscle as those lifting heavier. Keep in mind though, the study was based on men (typical). Worth a thought though…

5. It’ll keep your metabolism working hard, even when you’re not

In short, using heavier weights means working against higher degrees of resistance, causing tiny muscular tears post-workout. As you use more calories repairing those tears, your body’s overall calorie requirements are being increased. Win, win.

6. Resistance training trumps cardio when it comes to fat loss

When all the pieces of the resistance training puzzle come together (i.e. more muscle = increased metabolism = more calories burned post-workout), they literally render your body a fat burning machine.

The benefits of weight training smash that 45 minute cardio session you’ve been religiously adhering to for god knows how long. Except, this stuff actually works. So get on it!

7. It benefits your whole body…and more!

Aside from increasing your metabolism, weight training has also been proven to aid stress relief, encourage quality sleep, increase your energy levels, heart health and bone health (you can check out all the scientific stuff here).

On a side note, please don’t be scared of those sweaty, smelly boys in the corner hogging the squat rack. Those grunts and random outbursts aren’t actually signs of aggression, as I originally thought. You’re actually witnessing someone getting to the part of their workout that requires them to mentally fight to maintain their physical ability and push themselves a little further.

When you think about it, kinda makes you want to do the same, without mimicking the sounds of childbirth that is. So next time you hit the gym, head straight for the free weights and let your body show you what it’s really capable of.Lift like a boss and own it. Because I’ll let you on a secret girls, you’re way stronger than you think.

Adrianna is a 22-year-old journalism graduate who is never seen wandering the streets of Sydney sans coffee in hand. A self-confessed sugar addict, she is a lover of sweet treats, sweet words and even sweeter fashion finds. When she isn't hitting the gym or buried in a horror film of some sort, you'll definitely find her Instagramming at @adri_zapp.

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