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10 Reasons Why Miranda Hobbes Was The Best SATC Character

It’s been nearly 12-years since Mr Big somehow convinced Carrie that he was a good guy, Charlotte finally found her Prince Harry and God knows what antics Samantha has been up to since but what about Miranda? She's probably busy fulfilling the life of a normal human being. Working, being a good Mum, hanging out with her pals and having sex with her hubby. The usual.

'Sex and the City' enjoyed massive success for 6-years and left a pretty big legacy behind. We still see quizzes still popping up, promising to define whether you’re a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda and sadly most ladies hope to be a Carrie (WHY?! She was SO SELF INVOLVED!).

I am definitely a proud Miranda, sarcastic, slightly cynical, loyal but still okay to share my life with a decent man. Nothing to be ashamed of. Miranda was always the character forced to the side, even though she was absolutely the best and most realistic SATC character. She deserved more time int he spotlight (screw you Carrie) and here are a few reasons why:

[if !supportLists]1. [endif]She doesn't put up with anyone's shit. While Carrie was moaning over Big for the entire series,

(that's 6 whole seasons and two films), Miranda made shit happen for herself. She scored herself a bangin’ apartment in season 1, managed her work life balance as a single mother and made smart choices about the men that she let into her life, some were just for sex others for something a little more. Miranda didn't wait around for her white knight, she just got on with it.

2. She is a self confessed cat lady. She uses her cat Fatty to get out of dates and social obligations and happily comes home to him for cuddles and over feeding. Who needs a man when you’ve got a fat tabby cat?

3. She is a powerful woman who also likes watching gossip magazines. The eternal struggle for a gossip addict is the harsh judgement we often receive from others but Miranda shamelessly loved her tabloid mags and trashy TV while also killin' it during the day at her law firm.

4. She told Carrie the absolute truth when it came to Big and called her out for being a shitty friend when she forgot the cream cheese. Miranda said what everyone else was thinking when she called Carrie pathetic and needy for getting back with Big, for the fifty-billionth time.

5. She wasn't self obsessed like Carrie, marriage crazy like Charlotte or a nymphomaniac like Samantha (not that there's anything wrong with that, we love Sam too), she was the most realistic out of all of them and while most SATC fans really really wanted to be Carrie, we should have been looking to Miranda for our life advice. She practically coined the term “He’s just not that into you" and that' fine, because we ain't that into him either.

6. She rocked a suit and tie better than most men. Miranda was working the androgynous chic look before it was actually a trend.

7. She helped out her boyfriend financially. While the rest of the gals soaked up the financial benefits of having wealthy boyfriends, Miranda was happy to help Steve out with just about anything. Even when it came to fake testicles. She doesn't apologise for her success.

8. She wore a purple suede blazer to her wedding. Miranda's sense of style was always a bit... off. It's like the show's stylist never really knew what to do with her but we liked the unexpected outfits, like that weird fluffy hat she wore on her honeymoon? WTF was that?

There was more on her mind than just Mary Janes and Jimmy Choos, like, I don't know, maybe making partner at a NYC law firm?

9. She ate cake out of the garbage. This is all you need to know about Miranda to know that she was the most realistic and healthy character when it came to self-image and food; shamelessly ordering Chinese take away solo and proudly telling her housekeeper that being addicted to coffee was pretty damn normal for a busy woman. While Charlotte often relied on a diet of pudding packs, Samantha only ate raw food for a period of time and Carrie opted for cigarettes or Vouge over food "because it fed her more", Miranda's eating habits were just, normal!

10. She is the Queen of Sarcasm. Long live the Queen. “Me? I’ve never had an opinion in my life?” Sure Miranda. We all know you’re secretly the wisest and most brilliant of all.

** One time that we didn't like Miranda was when she said Abu-dhabi-doo. No.

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