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Why Patsy and Eddie are the ultimate role models

Sweetie, darling, sweetie. It's time to open a bottle of Bolly and light up a fag. That's what these ladies would want and who are we to say no to the original queens, the baddest bitches that we know, the Absolutely Fabulous Patsy and Eddie.

With the Ab Fab movie set to hit our screens August 8th (we are literally counting down the seconds) we thought it was only fitting to write up a little Patsy and Eddie, eddie, eddie, eddie appreciation post and shed some light on why they are possibly the best role models that we could ask for, despite some of their more questionable life and outfit choices.

They are the definition of 'Zero Fucks To Give'

Arriving to bed in the early hours of the morning and turning up to work sometime later that afternoon, doesn't that just sound like the life? These ladies won't let anyone get in their way of having a good old time.

Parenting responsibilities (responsibilities in general really) are thrown to the wayside when these gals get together and with the pop of a bottle and a sniff of a lil somethin' somethin' they're off and ready for the next chapter of their life-long bender. The only thing they give a fuck about is rubbing shoulders with b-grade celebrities and making sure their hair stays on nice and tight.

They are the ultimate fashion divas

While Patsy usually opts for a strong power suit and pumps combo, it's always going to be a surprise (and sometimes a shock) to see what Eddie will wear next. Whatever it is, it's always furry, colourful, dramatic and totally over the top. She'll run through the eras with her 60's bo-ho moo-moos, 80's puffer jackets and then into something created entirely out of leather (actually, probably pleather if we know her at all). Always ill-fitting, always too much, always absolutely fabulous.

And then of course there is Saffron's collection of knitted sweaters. Bless her.

They prove that your body can in fact sustain a lifetime of partying (just).

If you've watched the series from start to end you'll notice that Patsy hasn't aged at all. That's not to say that she looks young, because she definitely doesn't, she looks like a lifetime of tequila body shots and amyl, but it's almost as if her body as reached a point of no return and kind of just stayed there.

She could be a 150 for all we know. She's just there, floating around in an artificial bubble and in a permanent drunken haze. As John Hamm says in the trailer, "Oh my god... I can't believe you're still....alive."

If she can do it, why can't we?

They prove that even if the rest of the world thinks you're a dick, as long as you have your best friend by your side everything will be okay.

We spend our life trying to accumulate a group of friends that can offer us a variety of different things but maybe Eddie and Patsy have it right. Find someone who will party with you 24/7 and just fuck the rest of the world off.

You'll save a lot of time trying to organise your plans for the weekend because you know you'll just be sitting at home drinking wine with your only friend and you won't have to worry about wasting money on a phone bill because the only person that you ever talk to will ALWAYS BE AT YOUR HOUSE. Sounds super healthy.

They're perfect ammunition to use against your parents

Whenever your parent's do something that's a little out of line, like get pissed on a weekday or urinate in a public space you can roll you eyes and pull out the "I feel like such a Saffy right now" card. They are bound to be totally mortified that you dared to liken their parenting skills to that of Eddie and you can almost guarantee that they won't do anything else embarrassing for at least a month.

Now let's just appreciate these ladies in all their glory and don't forget to check the movie trailer. It's going to be fabulous darling.

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