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How to nail a night in with yourself

It’s great to spend consecutive Saturday nights destroying your liver until 3am with your buddies, just to wake up sometime between lunch and dinner the next day regretting everything after that fourth tequila shot but sometimes you just need a little break. You need some time to yourself.

Once you’ve decided on a night in there are a few things you have to nail if the night is going to be a success. First of all, there has to be a strict no uncomfortable pants policy. Nobody has time for that stupid button on your jeans digging into your bowel whist you’re trying to devour endless amounts of greasy butter chicken and that $7 bottle of wine. Seriously, take those damn things off and get yourself into some comfs.

It's all uphill from there and we've got a few more handy tips to help perfect a night in with the most important person in the world, yourself.

Now, turn your phone onto aeroplane mode, you don't need to spend the night waiting for messages that probably aren't coming anytime soon plus having a bit of a break from social media is great for your mind and your Instagram feed will be there in the morning.

Early in the evening, once you’ve ordered your favourite meal from a place that delivers (who wants to leave the house in trackies and uggs?! ) and grab your number one guilty pleasure. Maybe you love to read trashy mags or do you like getting lost in a Youtube spiral of Jenna Marbles and Daily Grace. Whatever it is, enjoy it without fear of judgement and without that bloody annoying person in the background who keeps asking you why you're watching another episode of Teen Mom. "Why the fuck do you even like that shit? *shoots death glare that says GTFO and leave the bag of Doritos behind*

While you're focussing on you, maybe you could do a little pampering and make yourself a little homemade face masks with coconut oil, coffee grounds and avocado. Just sit back, light a candle and enjoy doing absolutely fucking nothing (expect for making your skin look damn beautiful that is). Pour yourself one (lets be real, it’s going to be more like five) glasses of wine or whatever you’re feeling and get yourself a little drunk. There is no way you can embarrass yourself when you're drunk alone because you've already put your phone on aeroplane mode (so no drunk texting) and hopefully you've drawn the blinds.

With a little bit of liquid courage under your belt, hop onto your laptop and Facebook stalk like you’ve never done before. There won’t be any pesky judgemental eyes hovering over your shoulder or a boyfriend questioning why you have to be on top of Kylie Jenner’s posts, it’s my prerogative alright?!

Some people to fuel your stalking needs: Ex partner, ex friend, ex boss, ex rebound pretty much any ex you can think of and there is always your exes new boo. Happy stalking/judging.

[endif]Have you ever wanted to try something completely out of your bubble? Do you always stick to your usual look? Well tonight is the night for some experimentation. Rock that extreme winged eyeliner, that black matte lipstick you purchased over a month ago but are still to nervous to wear? Try it out tonight, you never know you might just find your new go to look. Please stay away from the scissors though, leave your hair to the professionals. DIY bangs NEVER WORK OUT.

Now while things are winding down and the wine spins start to fade, pop on a film to end the evening. Start off with a hilariously scary one. think Saw or I know what you did last summer, then move onto one you secretly love but know it’s going to make you ball like a baby (Yes I’m talking about P.S I love you) then end the night with Mean Girls, for nostalgia and lols.

However you spend your night in, whether it’s reading your favourite book for the third time or shamelessly dancing to Kanye’s Gol Digger make sure it’s all about you, at least for the night.

Oh, and get naked.

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