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'Kings.' are taking us back to those hazy summer nights

While most of us are permanently wrapped in a blanket burrito and shaking in our ugg boots at this time of the year the Kings. boys are holding onto those summer vibes for dear life with the release of their new single ‘(u) West Coast’.

These boys are Melbournians, so they really know that it feels like to be fucking cold but that hasn’t stopped them from bringing a little sand, surf and sun into our lives with their soothing vocals, punchy synthesisers and electro-pop rhythms paired with their fittingly sun-kissed video directed by Lawrence Phelan, which will leave you staring at your milky-white legs in horror, grieving for the loss of your long lost olive glow.

Lead vocalist, Hayden Jeffery’s has you hoping that he’s talking to you when he says, “I’ll be thinkin’ about you,” even though you probably know he’s referring to the damn summer but regardless, you can still appreciate the cool, effortless nature of his voice contrasted against the dense, elctro-tones produced by his other fellow band dudes Sam Buirski, Caleb Williams and Tim Cox.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the tune, Jeffery says, “(u) West Coast draws on the feeling of nostalgia, it's one of my favourite emotions to feel; it sparks a very colourful and creative energy. The letter (u) in the title refers to a place where I once was and once experienced, it holds plenty of memories, stories and sentimental feelings.”

The lyric video for the tune is reflective of this energy, and consists of stunning, sparkling footage of beaches so picturesque they could have been plucked straight from a daydream. Rolling in and then receding, waves flow underneath the words as they flicker and fade, perfectly timed to emphasise the ebbs and flows in the music. Speaking on the clip, Jeffery explains, “We wanted the lyric video to tie in with the aesthetic of the artwork, as well as the themes of the lyrical content. The video is more or less a pleasing sight to envisage while listening to the song.”

In less than 6 months of performing together, Kings. have taken the stage with Jakubi at Max Watt’s House of Music and performed alongside the likes of Hayden James, Tuka and many more at St Kilda Festival 2016. Their last single ‘Whispers’ has garnered over 50,000 plays online, with their newest edition collecting an impressive 80,000 clicks across Spotify and Soundcloud.

The skilled producers and musicians have a jam-packed year ahead, continuing to create new tunes for themselves and for other musicians, as Jeffery enthuses, “The unique thing about KINGS. is that all the music is DIY from home. We have a little rehearsal studio built in my garage and all of the records come together on my laptop. In our spare time we’ll be making more music and producing for other artists.”

(u) West Coast is available for purchase on iTunes on July 1.

Stream (u) West Coast

Watch the video here. Warning: summer babies might shed a tear or two. Don't worry, only six months left.

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