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If dogs are a man's best friend then a dog's best friend is The Dogist.

If you're not already following The Dogist on all of your social media platforms then you need to go and do that right now... go on, I'll wait......Done? Okay good. Elias Weiss Friedman is man behind this furry masterpiece, bringing you daily doses of gorgeous pooches from around the world through his photo-series The Dogist.

Originating in 2013 in NYC, Elias has taken his project all over the world to meet a bunch of four-legged friends and shares their adorable photos on his Instagram account, which boasts over 2 million followers.

E.J. McLeavey-Fisher created a short documentary about The Dogist, in which Elias reveals his reasons behind the project and why he just loves hanging out with dogs.

"I was just walking around all day having these interactions with dogs and it sort of made me feel better about being unemployed, you know, screw people, I just want to hang out with dogs."

"I ask people, if you had all the money in the world what would you do? If I had all the money I would probably travel with my camera and hang out with dogs. I'm doing it."

Armed with his trusty Nikon, hiking boots and some pretty serious looking knee-pads, Elias will set out for a day on the street, wandering around asking people if he can take a photo of their dog. Most people are skeptical that he will be able to get them to sit still but it's as if he has a secret connection with the canine species because all it takes is a little squeaky toy, some encouragement and as Elias says, he's got them posing like pros.

He tries to personify each dog, make them seem like a human, because we all know the funniest thing in life is dogs doing human things (like wearing clothes or standing on two legs....ahhh, such a clever boy).

"I don't have a dog right now, I don't have a girlfriend. I don't work with people in the same way that most people do and I sometimes feel that loneliness, like I'm home and I'm talking to my rug but I do connect with people through their dogs... Dogs have opened up a whole new world for me that's made me less lonely."

"Dogs don't need much to be happy. The need food and love, right? That's something I've always aspired to do. To take a leaf out of their book and become more simple in the way that I look at things."

You can keep up with the Dogist by following him on Instagram (even though you kind of promised that you already had when you first started reading this) and his fantastic coffee table book can be purchased here.

* Even picking the cutest pooches to feature in this gallery was a challenge. So fkn cute!

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