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Sydney's Top Sex Shops

Sex sells, quite literally, and that’s because it’s a part of most of our lives. It’s good for us. Having sex is good for your physical health, it’s good for your mental health (those happy endorphins) and it brings us together in both a physical and emotional sense. If your sex life is lacking a little in the adventure department then we’ve done a little bit of research to help you track down that missing libido of yours. So strap yourself in (or on, whatever you’re into) and take a little journey with us through Sydney’s top 7 sex shops.

  1. Max Black And no, we don’t mean Kat Denning’s curvaceous character from 2 Broke Girls, although she is quite the fox. Max Black is a popular store in Sydney’s inner west that boasts an abundance of sex merchandise. From restraints to vibrators to erotic literature and sexy games. They’ve even got toys for the boys. Did we mention they also have their very own rubber room? American Horror Story season one, anybody? MB catered to the need for an empowering female-friendly and couple-friendly space in Sydney for adults to shop for high-end, quality sex toys without feeling judged or bamboozled. The staff are experts in their field and are always willing to guide first-timers through the experience. Max Black is wide open until midnight 7 days a week and now ships all across both Australia and New Zealand.

2. Honey Birdette Ok, while this isn’t strictly a sex shop, Honey Birdette does house a small assortment of S&M accessories, toys, fetish fashion wear, oils and lubricants as well as some stunning lingerie essentials. If you are new to the scene, feel free to peruse the store comfortably as if you were just looking for a new bra. With around 50 store locations and 10 years’ experience, it’s no wonder they’re popular in the bedroom and with their products up your sleeve, you'll be popular in the bedroom too.

3. Funtasia Aptly named, this West Ryde location covers all the bases catering to men, women, couples and singles while also specialising in books, a wide assortment of blow-up dolls, clothing and fetish items. It’s the perfect place to buy gag gifts or even, a gag.

Whether you choose the After Sex towel, Spanish flies or the Glow in the Dark Clone-a-Willy Kit, the choice is entirely in your hands, literally.

You can even order online if you’re either too shy or just too busy to get there in person.

4. The Toolshed

A more whimsical and contemporary take on the sexual experience, entering The Toolshed is like walking into the R rated section of Dr Seuss’ library. From porn films such as Shaving Ryan’s Privates to leather cleaners to stimulants and enhancers, The Toolshed has you covered! It is open to midnight Mondays through to Thursdays and until 2am from Friday to Saturday.

5. Realistic Silicone Sex Doll City WARNING: They don’t come cheap and they look alarmingly real. Like probably better than any real human that you've been with. Found in Surry Hills, Sex Doll City custom design their dolls in an enormous variety of shapes, colours, sizes and breast sizes to suit your every need.

Prices climb upwards of $1,500 each so be prepared to invest in the perfect specimen.

6. Risqué Boutique Adult Shop

Found in the heart of King’s Cross, Risqué Boutique is more of a beginner’s store. With two levels of products, you can find just about anything here for a fair price. With monthly specials of up to 15% off, Risqué also gives customers fast, discreet shipping as well as loyalty dollars on every dollar spent plus free gifts with every purchase over $80!

7. Pleasure Chest Branching out in all directions of the love-making world, Pleasure Chest sells gifts for all sorts and occasions such as bachelorette parties, Valentine’s Day, audio CDs, party games, lingerie, health care, costumes and even batteries.

Pleasure Chest can be found online and at their Haymarket store which is open 24 hours.

With an assortment of options like these finding a new fetish or locating that elusive toy is no longer going to be an issue. What are you waiting for? Let your inner sex animal come out and play, it’s only a hop, skip and a click away.

Images courtesy of Max Black Instagram

Christie is a Twenty Something freelance writer. She has a degree in Communications, majoring in Journalism and sub-majoring in Media Arts Production. When she isn’t writing Christie enjoys drawing, reading, exploring Sydney and going to metal concerts. Currently she is writing a series of educational children’s books and a young adult novel.

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