• Kate Neilson

Buckle up because The Wandering Matilda is taking your tastebuds for a ride

Most Aussie's are always down for a good feed. We like our food and we won't stop until we're full. We're not into flimsy salads or vacant broths, we want full-blown, full-servings of fresh, fantastic food. Preferably something that goes with a nice drop of wine.

Holly Anderson is The Wandering Matilda and she creates home-made hearty meals that would make your Nonna weep with pride. She takes little nibbles from around the world to bring us bite sized pieces of Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, Malaysia and many other delicious cuisines from around the world. After appearing on My Kitchen Rules and sizzling her way through various food related jobs around the globe, she is the perfect person to turn to when you need something warm and tasty in your lil belly.

"I care deeply about nourishing our bodies with goodness. I don’t believe in dieting, I don’t believe in fads, I believe in feeding your body, simply, with home made food. Simply delicious, home made food," she said.

Anderson has all the bases covered, catering for paleo pals, valiant veggos, sweet suckers and meat manics.

She wants to get us excited about food (for most of us that isn't very difficult) and teach us how to prepare and present fresh, wholesome meals that will satisfy our hunger and our souls.

You can check out more of her recipes here and let your mouth water while scrolling through her Instagram feed.

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