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The Seljak sisters want to make you as snug as a bug in a rug.

Winter is coming! (I don't watch GoT but I've heard that's some kind of topical reference) and it's time to pull out our fluffy socks and hot water bottles because there ain't nothing worse than cold tootsies at bed time.

Image: Lis Harvey

If you succumb to the Winter flu then you'll probably head to a doctor, if your heater is broken you might call an electrician and if you need something cozy and warm to wrap around your shivering bones then you should consult the blankie experts, the Seljak sisters, who are the masterminds behind the Seljak Brand.

Their blankets are made from the offcuts of wool from Australia's oldest wool mill which is based in our special island of Tasmania. 70% of these beauties are created from Aussie merino wool with the other 30% made from alpaca, mohair and polyester blends to reinforce strength. These cozy patches of heaven are eco-friendly and one of a kind which means they are super groovy in our opinion.

Image: Mitch Reyes

We spoke with 50% of the duo, Karina Seljak, who explained a little bit about how and why she decided to become an expert in being damn cozy.

"I believe we have to find a new wake of making, consuming and wasting. So that we move into a future we actually want to live in. So that everyone can enjoy a clean world. Living in post-GFC America developed my understanding about the impacts of over-consumption and deepening inequalities," she said.

"Once I felt this, and realised I was trained to take part in the shift (I studied fashion design and business), I couldn't do anything else but create Seljak Brand with my sister."

Image: Lis Harvey

Karina and Sam (the other 50%) work as a team to turn waste into viable resources with the help of some other creative cookies in their life. Karina describes the duo as the yin to the others yang with Karina dreaming up a the big ideas and Sam being all action.

"I lived in New York for a few years, making beautiful cocktail syrups with Morris Kitchen. We'd source local ingredients like rhubarb and apples, and worked within a growing food community in Brooklyn, pooling skills and using waste for interesting collaborations with distillers and chocolate makers. We created a crazy amount of value from products that were considered trash," she said.

Image: Lis Harvey

"I came back to Australia with the desire to celebrate our own resources, like our incredible wool, and find a new way to make and do business."

Their blankets are simple, elegant and chic with gender neutral tones and soft imperfections that are ready and waiting to nurse you into the sweetest of dreams.

You could use your Seljak blanket as a picnic station, a burrito to curl inside when you're feeling sad, a soft place to fool around with someone special, a crash pad for a drunk friend, a place to hide your crystal collection or a shield to protect yourself against the harsh Winter chill. They are super, duper versatile and you can buy your own right here.

Image: Sam Seljak

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