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YouTubers that will guide you through your twenties.

If you grew up in the mid 40’s to 60’s, chances are you idolised James Dean and Marilyn Munroe whereas if you were a part of Generation X, you marvelled at the likes of Clint Eastwood, Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. However, when you grow up bottle fed on social media, as Gen Y and Z have been, it’s no surprise when teens and Twenty Somethings look to Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj and instantly think “role model”.

Fortunately for the latter generations, the social network is not just their weakness but also their ally. With the ability to instantly connect with anyone anywhere across the globe, one site in particular has been providing an abundance of mentors yearning to share their knowledge, encouragements, and support all for the joy of entertainment.

Almost everyone has tried their hand at becoming a Youtuber in recent years so to make life easier, we’ve done the hard part and sifted through the masses to find the best of the best to help guide you through the most confusing age bracket.

  1. Will Darbyshire YouTube name: willdarbyshirefilm A cynical Twenty Something himself, Will Darbyshire is a film design student from England whose exceptionally organised YouTube channel tackles the bigger, more existential issues in life including love, fate, and that overall feeling of doom that you should have achieved more by now. With minimalistic yet eye-catching graphics and an awkward yet relatable personality, Will succeeds in reminding Gen Y and Z that they’re not, in fact, alone.

2. Felix Kjellberg YouTube name: PewdiePie Sometimes all Twenty Somethings need is to not have advice shoved down their throats, but to simply have someone to rant to, someone to scream with, someone to get rip-roaringly drunk with. And if any YouTuber knows how to rant and scream it’s PewdiePie!

PewdiePie a.k.a. Felix Kjellberg is not only the most followed YouTuber to date but he’s also a professional gamer, an author, a philanthropist for a number of charities and the recipient of the Most Popular Gaming Web Star award at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. With close to 3,000 video uploads and 27 million subscribers the numbers really speak for themselves.

3. Zoe Sugg YouTube name: Zoella This article would be incomplete if it didn’t include the likes of Zoella. While she originally started out offering makeup and beauty tips, Zoella has grown into a fully-fledged business woman and online mentor all while publishing two books. Aside from her YouTube success, she additionally produces and sells her own line of beauty and bath essentials. Zoella also delves into tutorial videos that teach viewers how to manage anxiety, shop on a budget and DIY their holiday gifts. Appealing to the everyday, casual person, Zoella has remained humble proving she is just like the average viewer behind the screen, even with 10.5 million subscribers under her belt.

4. Tyler Oakley YouTube name: Tyler Oakley Tyler Oakley has been dominating YouTube since 2007 with his witty humour, outrageous hair, YouTube challenge videos and bucket list-worthy experiences to make anyone green with envy. And while Tyler may not always offer the most serious, life changing videos struggling Twenty Somethings want, he is always good for a laugh and is the living embodiment of the phrase “hard work pays off”.

In addition to his skyrocketed popularity, travel experience, interviews with a number of promising celebrities including Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga, Tyler has also become a prominent voice in the LGBTQ community.

5. Troye Sivan YouTube name: Troye Sivan Starting out 8 years ago simply covering other artists’ songs, Troye Sivan has progressed to a level of fame associated with a serious singing career (and God does he prove he’s worthy of it). Troye explores not only the issues inherit in a LGBTQ Twenty Something lifestyle but tangents off on a wider variety of topics ranging from practicing safe sex to letters to his future self to offering life tips and his journey towards a music career. This channel was well worth mentioning as Troye is a stellar example of how actively pursuing a dream can bring about the desired results whilst also reminding his audience to stay original and strong to their beliefs.

6. Lauren Curtis YouTube name: Lauren Curtis Australian YouTube sensation Lauren Curtis has progressed over the last 5 years to not only teach girls about makeup but how to overcome a number of obstacles they face in their teenage years. Videos varying from dealing with cyber bullies to how to deal with a breakup, Lauren offers a fresh perspective on old issues.

With close to 3.5 million subscribers, she remains a very private and introverted person still shocked when fans recognise her in public.

Christie is a Twenty Something freelance writer. She has a degree in Communications, majoring in Journalism and sub-majoring in Media Arts Production. When she isn’t writing Christie enjoys drawing, reading, exploring Sydney and going to metal concerts. Currently she is writing a series of educational children’s books, a young adult novel all while painting an acrylic replica of the Jack Daniel’s bottle label.

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