• Chiara Pinna- Cartwright

Can you have your doughnut and eat it too?

Donuts are good for the soul and exercise is good for the body. Never has there been a more perfect pairing...at least in my life.

I have a long running love affair with donuts. I really do. Take it from someone who’s last birthday cake was a 5-tiered Krispy Kreme donut tower (I’m not even exaggerating), it’s the ultimate comfort food and is better than any type of social interaction.

Humans = ugh. Donuts = happiness, sunshine and rainbows.

From jam-filled donuts, to glazed twists, to cinnamon swirls, all the way up to the food-coma inducing ‘cronut’ (the lovechild of the croissant and donut), you’d be forgiven for feeling a likeness to a drooling Homer Simpson after hearing the above assortment of goodies. I know I was.

But what happens when this obsession - something I consider essential for my happiness and sanity - clashes with something else that I equally enjoy, something on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. What happens when I confess to you that I’m not your usual run-of-the-mill sweet tooth but also a devoted fitness enthusiast with a not-so-tiny soft spot for the universal delicacy of the donut.

Would you consider me to be a little strange?

Have you built up a level of expectation that fitness lovers must only eat healthy food? Well I’m here to debunk that stigma for all the food and fitness fanatics out there.

(You know who you are, you beautiful people, you!)

It began a couple of years back not in some sweaty gym, nor on a workout mat in the comfort of my house. My interest began with early morning walks at Cronulla beach - it wasn’t as romantic as it sounds, believe me! Early rises were a struggle without my usual caffeine intake, but it got easier, walking turned into running, and it all snowballed from there.

To all who know me, workouts are now an obsession of mine – a trait that I seem to develop rather quickly. For me there’s nothing better than feeling those aching muscles to signify the end of a good workout.

Shift to the mainstream fitness community, where fitness fanatics are pressured to be perfect under the judgmental glare of the social media limelight. The result: a ‘healthy’ eating regime that’s now turned to the extreme and ultimately has become very damaging.

Which is why there’s got to be a little leeway in regards to what’s considered to be healthy. Not everyone can conform to societies idolised notion of ‘healthy living’ and people should not be pressured to change their ways because of that. Exhibit A: Me, myself and I.

You might be thinking: “What’s the point of putting in all that hard work, if you’re going to ruin it by eating unhealthy food?”

And my answer is the same everything time: “Well, why the hell not?!”

It’s all about moderation, my friends. I indulge myself in a healthy dose of moderation and man does it taste freakin’ good!

I crave that shot of adrenaline that I feel after a long run, but I also eat what I want and enjoy it too because that’s what works for me. It may seem out-of-order and wacky to some but for me it’s the perfect balance.

My fellow donut lovers, I implore you to ignore those crazy kooks who try to tell you that you shouldn’t eat certain foods because they’re ‘bad’. Kindly remind them that not indulging in what you love every once in a while isn’t healthy either. Your depriving your inner child from getting what it craves and how is that anyway to live?

We as human beings are crazy, wondrous creatures who are allowed to do things that don’t always make sense to others. Sometimes it’s okay to satisfy our selfish side, to screw societal conventions and tell those flavour-haters where to shove it.

So if you are at your happiest devouring a freshly glazed donut (or five), but also have through-the-roof enthusiasm to wake up every morning to workout, then you go Glen Coco! There isn’t one universal type of normal, everyone has their own kind of ‘healthy’. So take what you enjoy, even if some people consider is weird (…the jerks!), and rock your own individual style of normal.

And now that we’ve got that all cleared up, donuts come to mama!

Chiara is a twenty-something coffee obsessed uni graduate with a deep-rooted love for all things sci-fi. A little bit shy, but opinionated nonetheless, she's a loud and proud bookworm, avid beach bum and road tripping extraordinaire. Those around her consider her to be a bit of a dreamer, she can often be caught just staring off into space, and she walks around with a leather journal filled with all the places she wants to explore. When she's not doodling on whatever surface she can get her hands on, she attempts to make sense of her weird and wacky thoughts through her blog Freckle Face

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