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The Humble Gentleman: oils and stuff to give your face some love.

Listen up lads, this one is for you. It’s about time that we throw away the stereotype that men don’t care about their appearance because you’ve only got to walk outside and have a look around at all the perfectly manicured and moisturised babe-men of the world to know that that’s just not the case.

Introducing The Humble Gentleman, an oil based skin care range to suit every man (ladies I’m sure you could give this one a try too. I don’t imagine that you’ll grow a penis if you use it, it’s just some clever advertising at play).

For a delicious sandalwood and pepper flavoured face (those are some manly scents) you could try ‘Man Oil’, a soothing blend designed to deeply moisturise and ease the painful after effects of shaving. Give your chin a little love with this stuff. Alternatively, it can also be used as an all over body oil to aid dry skin… sorry, I just started thinking of oiled up men and it just got to be a little too much. Give me a moment.

Okay, what else do the people at Humble have to offer you ask? Well, why not treat your beard to a little TLC with some hydrating ‘Beard Oil’? With a mix of hemp and natural oils your facial mane will be tamed, intact and ready for a night on the town.

With the cooler days coming, so too are the evenings filled with doona cuddles and cheeky kisses. Unfortunately Mother nature also brings with her the season of dry lips and there ain’t nothing worse than kissing what feels like a steel wool dishwashing pad. Hydrate your smackers with a super delicious lime flavoured lip balm. The tastier your lips are the more kisses you’ll receive. Guaranteed.

To check out the full Humble range head to humblebody.com and then bring that oiled up body and those tasty lips my way baby.

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