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Confessions of a kooky cat lady

We all have that one friend. The one who has a slightly off sense of humour. They are the maternal soul, the meditator of the group and the one that has one too many glasses of red with dinner. However, beneath all of these adorable (and sometimes worrysome) qualities there lies a disturbing fact. He/she’s a kooky cat lady/man.

Introducing, me. I am the slightly sarcastic, red wine drinker who loves cats. It’s an intense obsession that requires a lot of attention and maintenance. I thought of this as a test to see if I was really 100% truly committed to the responsibility of being able to call myself “kooky cat lady”. First things first, how on earth did I know that I was that friend? It's simple really, I took a look at my surroundings. This is what gave it away for me.

Firstly, I own a handbag that is a picture of a giant cat face (ears and all). My coin purse is a matching cat face. This was given to me as a Christmas gift from one of my best friends who must have known that I was a kooky cat lady before I did.

Secondly, my IPhone case is a colourful cat face. It looks like something you see in one of those ‘colour therapy’ books. Thirdly, I actually own two cats. One of which is currently sitting on my back as I write this (I feel like this is probably the main fuel behind my cat addiction, the fact that I let them sit on my body whilst going about my day).

And lastly everyday on social media I am sure to be tagged in a good 7-8 videos of something to do with a cat. Like those ones with the kitties chasing something on a string or falling into the bath or.....sorry, I just got distracted watching a video of two cats kissing eachother. Anyway, so whenever a new person adds me on Facebook, they will make a comment next time they see me like, "so you like cats then?" and I'll stare at them with my cat mask on, and my kitty paw gloves and my cat ears and be like, "no shit, what gave it away?"

Rather than try and pretend to be someone that I'm not , I decided to embrace this obsession. Once I had decided on this I really had to start embracing it as a lifestyle. I broke the news to my friends and family, who took it quite well, and prepared them for what would come next. Which was a whole lof of cat.

I then progressed to spamming the crap out of my fellow friends and family with anything that was feline related. How did you do that you ask? Well, it included however was not limited to, videos and pictures of random cats, my cats, other peoples cats, and even a few strange yet alluring pictures and videos of me, dressed as and/or acting like a cat. The latter was optional, but highly recommended as part of my coming-out as a cat lover package.

I took to Facebook to ask what my friends thought were common characteristics for being a typical crazy cat lady. One of my best friends responded with “yelling jibber jabber uncontrollably to said cats, throwing cats at people, leaving your inheritance to your cats and eating cat food”. Look, we're not quite there yet, but I'm still young and there is still plenty of time to get angry enough at people to want to throw cats at them. *

My brother was a little more realistic with his response, which was “treating your feline pets as human children sharing their lives with friends and family as you would with a human baby”. – He was most definitely talking not to subtly about me.

The one thing we can learn about my whole self-discovery experience is it that it's completely ok to be a kooky cat lady, as long as you embrace it and perhaps not actually eat cat food, or throw cats at people. But that’s completely your call. Yours truly, one proud kooky cat lady.

*On second thoughts I would probably never waste a good cat by throwing it at a human, I love them too much.

Image: Loren Bousfield @obsurephotography


Loren Bousfield is a 26-year-old, cat lover and contributor at Twenty Something Humans. Loren is experiencing her quarter life crisis, so she indulges herself in over priced ice cream whilst flicking through her Instagram searching 'cats', 'wine' and 'bearded men'. If you want to check out Loren's photos and her harassing Kanye West on Twitter check out her Instagram @obscurphotos or her Twitter @loren_bous.

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