Review: Pigeon & Weasel are tantalising our nose buds

We're all about a good candle here at TSH. They're just so darn great. I mean you've got the subtle warm glow, the fkn amazin' smell (unless you accidentally brought one of those 'roast lamb' scented candles...seemed like a good idea at the time I'm sure) and during those terribly cold nights in Winter when you are sans heater you can huddle around a few of them for a bit of finger warmth.

Like we said, we're crazy about candles, even more so now that we have discovered Pigeon & Weasel,housemates, turned business partners, turned apples of our eye. Prue and Clayton were just hanging around doing their thing, probably having a few beers after work, when they had the genius idea to have a good ole crack-a-lack at candle making. Accoring to them, they really sucked at the start, but thank the lord that they got their shit together because now they are producing the sweet, sweet goods. We actually have to refrain from sneaking a little taste.

Oh, and the best part! They make them out of beer bottles. How clever! Nice smelling, nifty lookin' AND environmentally aware. Geez, you've really nailed this one guys.

We give these guys a generous 5 outta 5. We're currently burning one of their exlcusive artist editions 'Jungle Fever' which smells fruity and tangy and like you're in the jungle, swinging from the trees with Tarzan and Jane.

Check out their stuff here and follow them on instgram @pigeonandweasel

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