• Kate Neilson

You sweet lil gin

There will be at least one day per week when you will return home from what can only be described as 'the worst day of all time' and hard spirits are the only obivous cure to your issues. Don't worry, we hear you. That's when you need to pour yourself a stiff gin, turn off your phone and drown your problems out with some full volume Celine Dion or someone equally as heart-wrenching and full of emotion.

However, for those days when you're just feeling like a sneaky drink (not for medicinal purpose) you can put your own twist on the ole G&T and create a sweeter, softer version for your slow sipping pleasure.

What you will need:

1 standard shot of Gin (Yes, we promote responsible drinking here...sometimes)

2 large basil leaves

Small handful of ice

Sliced cucumber

4 Mint leaves


2 slices of lemon

Cocktail shaker

How to make:

1. Muddle half of the basil and mint leaves at the bottom of your cocktail shaker then add ice.

2. Pour in your shot of gin and squeeze a generous amount of lemon ontop

3. Add lemonade and shake well (with lid tightly secured of course, you don't want to loose any of that precious alcohol!)

4. Pour into a glass over ice and add another basil, mint and slice of lemon and cucumber for garnishing and extra flavour.

Hot tip: Chill your glass in the freezer beforehand for an extra refreshing bevvy.

Photo: Kate Neilson

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