Here you'll find our very own podcast Twenty Something Minutes. It's rad, it's raunchy and it's most definitely not safe for work.

Episode One: The sexual lives of us

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Michael Forno - Podcast Editor & Host

Michael is the brains behind the Twenty Something Minutes podcast. He put this bad boy together with his own two hands, spending hours editing a whole bunch of smut for your listening pleasure. Carrying his mic with him wherever he goes, Michael is always at the ready to capture a tale of severe public embarrassment or sexual misfortune. You can follow him @mjforno.

Kate Neilson - Content Producer

Kate Neilson is the full-time shit talker behind the Twenty Something Minutes podcast. She spent most of the production time getting really drunk and telling Michael her deepest secrets while he secretly recorded her for content. She also bugged a bunch of strangers to reveal intimate details of their sex lives to her. Surprisingly, it worked! You can follow her @katiepotatierose.