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Kate Neilson - Founding Editor

Kate Neilson founded Twenty Something Humans in March 2016. She's a chronic list maker and a die-hard booty shaker. She likes eating her morning toast in bed and feels uncomfortable writing about herself in the third person. You can read all of Kate's articles here and lurk her @katiepotatierose.


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WTF are we all about?


Twenty Something Humans is an inclusive platform for curious millennials, dedicated to talking shit for the Internet's pleasure.


We confess our most excruciating secrets, showcase humans who are putting their own flavour on the world and talk about that time you threw up on a stranger mid-way through oral sex because, unfortunately, that's the reality of being a
 twenty-something human.



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If you're in need of some procrastination material, you can spend a good few hours scrolling through our ARCHIVES .

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